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PRESPRO Homes is Charlotte’s premier build-to-rent and fee build contractor


Our Process

Our three step proven plan ensures a hassle-free and easy experience

Step One: Land
You bring your lot to be reviewed by our land development team
Step Two: Plan
Select one of our proven plans, optimized for square footage and efficiency
Step Three: Build
We build your new property in an
average of 80 days.

How it works:

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Transparent Process

Our contracts are open book cost-plus so you always get a transparent
and easy-to-understand deal.

At-Scale Pricing and Finishes

As one of the largest local builders, we pass volume pricing on to you.
You get premium features and finishes at a bargain price.

Fast Build Times

We utilize scheduling software that ensures the fastest possible build times. Our cost-plus builds average less than 80 days from footing to CO.


"As an investor, I was always hesitant if I should try fee building. Having interviewed many companies, I never saw the professionalism that I eventually found in PRESPRO. They broke down the numbers for me and told me how much my builds would cost.

My builds didn't go over budget, and everything got built in less than 90 days. Incredibly fast and detailed work! My projects turned out amazing. I'm so happy I trusted PRESPRO and their staff. I'm going to add more new builds to my portfolio because the ease of working with PRESPRO is unmatched!"

Stas K

“PRESPRO is a critical partner in WeBuild Concord’s success as an accessible and workforce housing developer. They provide high-quality builds that allow us to create affordability, unique elevations, and housing plans that match the needs of our residents. Many of WeBuild’s single-family and townhome developments are PRESPRO products that allow residents to own homes for the first time.

Most important, PRESPRO treats us with dignity and respect. WeBuild’s reputation in North Carolina is made possible by ethical partners like PRESPRO. I would associate our company’s name and my personal reputation with our developed partnership. “

Patrick C. Graham, Ph.D

"I’m a real estate investor who has worked in the past with PRESPRO on a joint venture project and they are currently building spec homes for me. We just finished up our first two builds and I couldn’t be happier. Both homes went under contract within 2 days of being listed!

I have been impressed with their quality of work, efficiency, professionalism, and communication. Everything I needed done throughout the whole building process was taken care of with quick response and always done the right way. I look forward to expanding our business relationship with PRESPRO and doing more new builds with them this year.  I would highly recommend PRESPRO Homes!"

A. Matthews


What is your standard design package?

Our Portfolio Level is our standard design package. This includes 9ft ceilings, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, etc. Click here to see the list. We can upgrade or downgrade any of these items, as requested.

How do you figure your estimates?

Since we require you to use one of the plans that we build frequently, we know our costs and can give you an accurate and reliable estimate.

If the costs come in less than the estimate, do you pass the saving on to the build?

Absolutely! We operate by an "open book" philosophy regarding costs and invoices. Whatever our costs are, we pass them on to the customer. The customer will have the option to review all invoices each month at the time when we request payment.

What are your fees?

We charge a flat fee for building one of our plans. Simple and easy.

What are the design options your offer?

We offer a Build-to-Rent design package that is the most economical. We also offer a portfolio design package that includes 9 ft ceilings, granite or quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances, back splash, standard light package, ceiling fans, and more.

What are your current times to build?

We typically build our plans in 90 days or less from the time we pour footings. Time for permits depends on the municipality time line. Our aim is to build as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Do you build duplexes or townhomes?

Yes, we offer several amazing duplex and townhome plans.  Plans can be built from 2 attached units, up to 8 attached units.  The number of attached units allowed will depend on local zoning requirements.

Do you offer financing or funding?

Unfortunately, we do not. We require proof of funds and a deposit before we move forward with the build.

How do I get updates on the job progress?

We will provide monthly updates at the time of application for payment. We ask that our customers do not interfere with the job with unannounced site visits.

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